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Summer B.L.A.S.T. !


Bible Lessons And Simple Truths

 Kids and Parents !!!!!  This summer our GUMC Children AND Youth will be diving into the  Bible stories that EVERYONE needs to know. Stories, activities, lessons, and challenges will take place ALL SUMMER LONG!! Parents and kiddos are asked to attend worship and class times as much as possible to get the inside scoop of that week’s challenge. We will also be reaching out through Facebook. So be sure to “like” GUMC’s Facebook page, join the “Summer Blast” Facebook group, and watch for this fun,  SUMMER B.L.A.S.T. !


2018 Arms Around Greenwood






Wow!!  Simply Wow!!

What an amazing Sunday we had last week as we celebrated our 3rd Annual Arms Around Greenwood, with the Pack Shack’s “Crazy Feed the Funnel Event.”  Over 200 of us participated in different shifts throughout the day.  Some of you were there as early as 6:30 am to help set up! Together we packed meals to supplement our own Food Bank at GUMC, as well as to provide food for area Blessing Boxes. Together both shifts packed 25,504 meals! What an amazing difference this will make to the hungry in our community.  Thank you for your hard work and your willingness to do something new this year.

Not only did we pack over 25,000 meals we had a lot of fun working together as we sang, semi-line danced, threw bags of food to the boxers, and even banged the gong as we counted down milestones on the way to our meal goal.  Most importantly we grew together as a community of faith as we made a  difference working side by side.  My family had a great time working together with you, and Jonah has asked every day this week if we can go to the Pack Shack again!

I want to thank everyone who helped to make Sunday’s event such a huge success!  Thank you to those who were here early to set up the tables and the funnel stations and to those who were here to prepare breakfast for us! Thank you also to those who helped by leading worship outside on Sunday in our combined service.  Thank you to everyone who worked a funnel station, to the kids working as runners, to those weighing and sealing the food, and to the packers.  Everyone here had a part in the success of helping us to reach our goal, and I am grateful to be in ministry with each one of you!

Looking forward to our next adventure together!

Rev. John Embrey