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Sunday School-Children

“TEAM CHRIST Sundays” continue year-round during the 10 am Sunday School hour.  Classes meet on the 2nd floor of the Education Wing.

  • Preschool thru 1st Grade Class

Provides interactive learning experiences in a colorful and engaging atmosphere. From illustrated Bible lessons to entertaining movie  segments, young children learn God’s Word in bite-size bits.

  • 2nd thru 3rd Grade Class

Combines high-energy activities with Bible-based teaching for boys and girls. Along with activities, a combination of games, Bible search and study captures kids’ attention while also showing them that living for God is the best thing out there!

  • 4th thru 6th Grade Class

Is named the 241 Class, based on Luke 2:41 – the story in which Jesus was brought to the temple at age 12. Children this age will dive deeper into Bible lessons that guide them through age-level decisions and   real-life situations.  Over time, their Bible skills and Sunday School message will give them a moral foundation..