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Sunday School-Adults

The following Adult classes are available at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays:

Alpha SS Class- Rev. Doug Phillips

  • Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each week we will meet to watch a video on a different essential question of faith designed to create discussions and build community in our church. This is the same study offered last fall (2016), but tailored for smaller group discussion and fellowship. If you are not a part of a Sunday school class or would like to try the Alpha series, please join us upstairs in the Education Building, Sundays at 10 am.

New Journey SS Class – Tate Cole

  • Ages, currently mid 30’s.
  • Meets in the front room of the Harper House.
  • All have children ranging in age from 5 years old to college aged.
  • Open to anyone who feels comfortable with us.
  •  Married couples from Mid to late 20’s up to 40’s would be a natural fit.

Women’s SS Class – Waylen Bailey

  • A small class of ladies of varied ages.
  • Meet in a room adjacent to the chapel.
  • Discuss the Bible as it applies to daily life.

Joy SS Class – Dick Quinlan

  • Older adults who study the Cokesbury Adult Sunday School curriculum.
  • Meets in the Chapel, downstairs in the education wing

The Branches SS Class – Gerald Ware

  • Ages: 18+  years of age.
  • Meets in the Fellowship Hall at 9  am
  • Biblically based study group focused on growing our spirituality together.

Now & Then SS Class – Jerry Nelson

  • A group of adults (middle aged & up).
  • Meets in the large classroom in the Family Life Center.
  • Engaged in a “cover to cover” study of the Bible, seeking to interpret its relevance upon our lives today. Also, study the historical and geographical context under which a particular book or passage was written.

On Our Way SS Class – Ken & Barbara Bell

  • Ages late 20’s & up.
  • Meets upstairs in the large room on the north end of the hall.

Parables SS Class – David Webb

  • Ages 55 & up.
  • Meet downstairs in the education wing.
  • We study the Bible.