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2019 Vacation Bible School

Are you ready for a WiLD summer?!?!

You’ll want to plan your summer schedule around this one for sure.

Vacation Bible School is set for:

June 17-20, 2019

6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

We will be hosting the wildest VBS ever each evening, Monday through Thursday.

Rrrrrrrroar ‘cause
Life is WiLd. God is GooD!!

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Pre-register ASAP!!!  Gold registration forms are available at the information tables in the foyers, or download a form by clicking HERE.

As we move into the season of Easter, we will be considering what it means to live out our faith.  Just like the first disciples who experienced the resurrection, we are called to experience the power of Christ in our own life.  Each week we will present a series of questions that you can use in your personal study time to help you connect your life of discipleship to the weekly sermon. These questions have been modified from a resource provided by Discipleship Ministries of the UMC.

From Worship to Discipleship Week 2

To Live for Jesus is to Believe in Him

Read: John 20:19-31

  • Define the word “peace.”
  • How does the presence of another, a welcomed more powerful other, contribute to a sense of peace?
  • While peace, on a very surface level, is thought of as an inner absence of conflict, how is the peace that Jesus gives connected to our being sent as disciples?
  • How did encountering the resurrected Jesus bring transformation to Thomas?
  • How is our experience like and unlike Thomas’s experience?
  • What helps you in times of unbelief and/or uncertainty?
  • How do we “see” Jesus today?
  • How does our relationship with the risen Christ give us joy and peace, but also challenge us to be sent as witnesses of Jesus to others?