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Sunday School-Adults

The following Adult classes are available at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays


New Journey SS Class – Tate Cole

  • Ages, currently mid 30’s.
  • Meets in the front room of the Harper House.
  • All have children ranging in age from 5 years old to college-age.
  • Open to anyone who feels comfortable with us.
  •  Married couples from Mid to late 20’s up to 40’s would be a natural fit.

Women’s SS Class – Waylen Bailey

  • A small class of ladies of varied ages.
  • Meet on the first floor Room #102, in the Education Wing in the room adjacent to the chapel.
  • Discuss the Bible as it applies to daily life.

The Branches SS Class – Gerald Ware

  • Ages: 18+  years of age.
  • Meets on the second floor of the Family Life Center in Room #FLC102
  • Biblically-based study group focused on growing our spirituality together.

Now & Then SS Class – Jerry Nelson

  • Senior adults
  • Meets in Room#101 in the Family Life Center.
  • Engaged in a “cover to cover” study of the Bible, seeking to interpret its relevance to our lives today. Also, study the historical and geographical context under which a particular book or passage was written.

On Our Way SS Class – Ken & Barbara Bell

  • Ages late 20’s & up.
  • Meets on the first floor in the Education Wing in the old “Fellowship Hall.”

Parables SS Class – David Webb

  • Ages 55 & up.
  • Meets on the first floor Room#101 in the Education Wing in the classroom at the south end of the building.
  • We study the Bible.

Poplin SS Class – Anne Poplin

  • Ages 30s & Up
  • Meets upstairs in Room#203 in the Education Wing,
  • Beginning an Adam Hamilton study: “Creed”, on February 3rd, 2019.